With MS Geslam, you get more than IT expertise. You get a total approach.

A vision that leverages your IT investments to make you more competitive.

We are part of the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem.

We are also joining the Noxent teams. With this merger, we consolidate our leadership position in managed services and become one of the largest providers of professional IT services in Quebec: infrastructure, network, Cloud, telephony and cabling solutions.


What this means for our customers.

We will always have the same personalized service, but with a real one-stop shop in terms of digital and technological services offered to businesses and where we are able to provide multi-expertise with the help of nearly 2,000 professionals, including 800 in Quebec only. We invite you to visit the Noxent website: https://www.noxent.com/

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Our ecosystem.

Alan Allman Associates is an ecosystem of consulting firms specializing in digital transformation. Established in Canada, France, Benelux and Singapore, our companies are divided into 3 areas of expertise: High Tech, Industrial Transformation & Strategy. The ecosystem is 5 companies in Canada, 600+ clients, 1500+ experts and 206M $ CAD in 2020. To discover the ecosystem, we invite you to visit this website: https://alan-allman.com / alan-allman-associates-canada /


Alan Allman Associates Canada.

In addition to building on this asset, the members of Alan Allman Associates Canada, Noxent, Victrix, Noverka Conseil, EC Solutions and Help OX maintain a dynamic and stimulating network for their teams. Thanks to the expertise of highly qualified professionals, they offer a complete portfolio of specialized IT services. With more than 1,500 advisors in mandate today, the growth of the ecosystem continues to be recognized.


Committed to converting challenges into successes.

All too often, your ambitions and vision are waylaid by cumbersome or obsolete IT systems. Many organizations avoid updating these systems for fear of negative fallout. By giving you the information and tools you need, we allow you to realize your vision and help your organization succeed.

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We get to the root of the problem and find the most effective strategy, every time.

No matter the situation, MS Geslam is a catalyst for change that accelerates progress and boosts competitiveness. Because MS Geslam is about more than IT expertise. It’s a total approach that leverages your IT investments to make your more competitive.

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We take the time to understand your needs and develop creative custom solutions.

We also believe that IT shouldn’t be a closely guarded secret. It should be widely understood and accessible so that everyone can benefit. We’re committed to giving you the tools you need so that together, we can achieve the impossible.

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Support companies in their evolution by integrating and supporting their technological solutions.

This is our mission and we care about it. This is why we exist.

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Our values: excellence, simplicity, commitment and transparency.

They are reflected daily in our work. Excellence is our motivation to go above and beyond in our know-how. Simplicity is our clear words and our actions that are easy to understand and use. Commitment is in our DNA. We are dedicated to the success of our customers. Transparency is our realism, professionalism and honesty that make MS Geslam a trusted partner.

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Client satisfaction

Here are three highlights from our annual survey.
Solutions offered by MS Geslam met clients’ needs.
Is the score obtained for the commitment of staff to explain and inform you of interventions and changes made to your IT tools.
Of our clients would recommend the services of MS Geslam to a friend or professional acquaintance.