Article Faire Confiance Pour Bien Décider Rapidement

Benoit Rainville: Trust is key to making smart decisions, fast!

Entrepreneur Benoit Rainville shares his story to help you face down big decisions.


We live in a world of decisions. Fast, strategic, difficult, risky, full of opportunity, and that generate value—they’re everywhere. Entrepreneurs have always had to face tough choices, but they’re more plentiful—and more complicated—than ever in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environment. How do you make the right decisions, fast? According to Benoit Rainville, president of MS Geslam, trust is key!


MS Geslam has been a technology leader for over 30 years, but COVID-19 pushed it to the edge. The company had to turn around on a dime—48 hours, to be precise. According to Mr. Rainville, that’s how long they had to lay the groundwork for crisis management. He was keen to fulfill his role as the company’s visionary and protect its bottom line, mission, and values. So he decided to put even greater trust in his management team and extend its decision-making power.


The team quickly implemented measures to help it get on track. One such measure was to hold a 30-minute meeting every morning during the most turbulent weeks of the crisis. This provided an opportunity to discuss and establish the day’s priorities and challenges. As the company president, Mr. Rainville made sure the finish line corresponded with MS Geslam’s vision. The management team was responsible for figuring out how to get there. These opportunities for mutual support not only helped the company manage the crisis, but also improved transparency within its teams. As a result, the management team is even more cohesive and capable of straight talk!


Now that the dust has settled at MS Geslam, the SME can declare mission accomplished! The strategic decision to share decision-making power with managers resulted in an 8% gain in efficiency. How inspiring!


For entrepreneur Benoit Rainville, Groupement des chefs d’entreprise remains a source of inspiration. The members of his club help him think outside the box.


Sharing experiences helps us think, decide, and act differently in the new normal.


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